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Matt McGoey 2/5/02
Nothing shows off Serotta’s maverick thinking like their fit system. It starts with no bike at all – just you floating in space.

Our philosophy of bike customization differs from other companies in one fundamental way. They subscribe to the notion that a bike can be tailored to you based on formulaic measurements. They may as well be fitting you for a custom chair, oblivious of the fact that a bike doesn’t merely accommodate your body, but actively expresses it. We believe – we know – that the very individual way you move on a bike is the point of departure for designing your dream bike.

So we begin with no pre-conceptions, no template. Yours is a bike that has never existed before. We are at Square One, open and ready to learn about you.

First your Serotta-certified Fit Technician gets to know you in the interview. Why do you ride? How do you ride? What is your injury history? Any personal asymmetries, such as one leg longer than the other? Any problems with your old bike? Lastly, what are your goals and aspirations as a rider?

Next, your flexibility and core strength are assessed to nail down your range of motion, and your ability to comfortably hold a position. The aim is to build a bike that moves with you, within the range of your strengths and limitations, not against you.

When you get on the Serotta Size Cycle, our infinitely adjustable sizing tool, the fit specialist can observe your good and bad postural habits, see your pedal stroke in action, judge how relaxed you are in the saddle and how easily you’re able to draw in large volumes of air. Step by step, we work with you to piece together a complete picture of you as a cyclist.

We study your positional coordinates as you spin the pedals, looking for the place where your movement fires most effectively – where power, endurance, comfort, and to varying extents aerodynamics, are optimized. Following the kinetic chain, we can then accurately determine the coordinates your fit will be based upon.

Other systems rely on static measurements of dubious precision. The only useful ones derive from a matrix of information that is you – how your body moves, breathes, flexes, and works around injury. Even if measurements could predict true “fit,” anatomic accuracy could only be achieved with X-ray or MRI machines, tools not commonly found in bike shops.

When our competitors say “custom,” what they really mean is, “what margin of error will you tolerate?” The perfectionist that lives within each of our craftsmen results in frames that exemplify the highest tolerance standards in the industry. Our fitting system is every bit as exacting: our reputation stands on it.

There’s no detour to achieving your signature ride. Prepare to give up an hour or more in the fit process alone. Considering it’s a mini-Master’s degree in becoming a more enlightened rider, you’ll have to agree it’s time well spent.

The moment of truth is when you climb on your new bike and click in. In an instant you’ll know this is miles beyond your old expectations of fit. Your bike is nothing less than an extension of your body.

Fitting Service Fees Cleat Alignment $50, Comfort Fit $100, Performance Fit $200


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