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Do you want to try BMX racing?

We at the All American Bicycle Center encourage people of all ages to come out and try a BMX race (especially mountain bikers). BMX racing is an excellent way to introduce your school age child to bike racing. If they can ride a "two wheeler" they can race BMX.

If you're interested in joining a team, the All Amerian Bicycle Center sponsors a "shop team", that is cosponsored by Redline BMX bicycles.  The All American BMX - REDLINE team is open to all riders (boys and girls, moms & dads too).  Team riders compete in races sanctioned by the National Bicycle League - NBL and American Bicycle Assn - ABA .  All that is required, is that you purchase a team jersey ($50), join the NBL and/or ABA and fill out the require team forms.  Team riders are entitled to discounts on Redline bicycles, parts & accessories.

Stop by All American Bikes for a "Bring-a-Buddy" coupon to enter your first bike race for FREE.  All you have to do is show up at the track with your bike, long pants and long sleeve shirt.  Loaner helmets are available at the track.

For more info (directions, practice & race times, rules & requirements), check out the following tracks:

Hagerstown (NBL) BMX web site

Cumberland (NBL) BMX 

Chesapeake (ABA) BMX in Severn, MD

For more information, call or email Matt McGoey at 301-253-5800 or

 Matthew McGoey, Jr. on his way to a win at the Christmas Nationals in Columbus, OH.

Matthew McGoey, Jr. on his way to a win at the Presidents Cup in Columbus, OH.


Matthew McGoey, Jr. proudly accepting his NBL State #1 rider trophy.

Matt Jr.

Racer Profiles